A Day In The Life Of... A Senior Consultant

5.30 am – Dreaded alarm. First quick decision of the day… do I bother with makeup or brave it bare faced? The latter wins, 5 mins extra snooze time.

5.35 am - 5.50 am – Get up, shower, sort the pooch out (my very handsome Dachshund Frank ) and rush out the door – pray for no traffic! I live quite a commute from the office, so Concept is super flexible on getting in early and only having to be in the office twice a week, which is the perfect hybrid solution for me.

7 am – 8.30 am – Land at the office – First things first… Coffee! Quick catch up with the other early birds and straight into my follow-ups from the day before. This power hour is usually admin based to get me set up for the day. I like to check out applicants from roles I advertised the day before or go to the holy grail to find those much-needed unicorns – LinkedIn. 

8.30 am - 10 am – Priority list. I like to have written down a rough day plan the evening before, including a list of 10b410. Basically, those 10 urgent calls that I can get done before 10 am and get ticked off my to-do list ready to start the day of more proactive activities. Are my interviews all set for the day? Do I have feedback to take? Has my star candidate sent their updated CV so I can finally send it to my client?

10 am -1 pm – Current pipeline. This session usually focuses on my current workload and will be a mix of headhunting, interviewing, and shortlisting for my working roles.

L u n c h

1.30 pm - 3.30 pm – Business Development. My favourite part of the job – weird, I know. I use this time to follow up with clients I've worked with over the years to talk industry news/insights. Knowing your market is key to supporting our clients when needed – ideally providing solutions before they realise they need them! We also offer lots of webinars/networking eventsso this often forms part of it too.

3.30 pm - 4.15 pm – Follow up. Given that the majority of our day is spent calling people, it's sometimes a game of phone tennis, so it's time to follow up with those I couldn't speak to earlier on in the day, whether that's candidates or clients.

4.15 pm -4.30 pm – Sense check if I've managed to get everything done from my to-do list. Recruitment is chaotic and can change with every phone call, which is why I love it so much – the buzz of finding solutions and the constant variety is a thrill, but it also means I need this structure to make sure I've covered all bases. The last 10 minutes of each day is to plan for tomorrow – who's on my 10b410, and how will I drive my business forward?

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11th November

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